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Gaby Wiegran is one of the founders of the market research institute Vocatus. Before starting her own business she was project manager at Booz Allen Hamilton focusing on electronic commerce. She has consulted to semiconductor and smart card manufacturers, computer retailers, software training centers and online banks in the United States, Europe and Australia. She wrote her Ph.D. on customization and has published numerous books and articles about customization (see below).

You can contact her at gaby@wiegran.de and find all her paintings here.

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Since the dawn of mass production, the people who make things have communicated with their customers only indirectly, and it shows. Products lack the personal stamp of the people who buy them. Now, however, the Internet age has given companies the means to communicate more directly with their customers and to incorporate their ideas in the design, manufacture, and pricing. (Read a summary of the book here)


Translations available in German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.

216 pages, Financial Times 2000



Customer feedback becomes more and more important. Praise, improvement suggestions but also complaints on the Internet become more and more common – for the users but not necessarily for the companies. The book shows with numerous real life examples how companies can establish efficient communication channels, structure customer feedback and use the information for quality assurance, benchmarking and market research.


“Kundenfeedback im Internet” is available only in German.

212 pages, Gabler 2002


Employees have different interests, capabilities and know how. They differ in their objectives, their personality and are motivated by different things. The book shows that personnel management can only reach optimal results for the employee as well as for the company, if it takes these differences into account and treats everyone according to his or her own personality.


“Individuelle Mitarbeiterführung” is available only in German.

251 pages, Tectum 2002



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